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Quickly Classify Places, Locations, and Scenes in Images

Use state-of-the-art deep learning to identify places in images. Just paste in a URL above.

We're excited to introduce cloud hosted deep learning models on Algorithmia. The Places365 Classifier microservice is a computer vision algorithm trained on ~1.8 million images to recognize 365 scene categories.

This microservice is an implementation of Places: An Image Database for Deep Scene Understanding. B. Zhou, A. Khosla, A. Lapedriza, A. Torralba and A. Oliva Arxiv, 2016. Learn more about their work here.

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Built For Developers

A simple, scalable API for machine intelligence


import Algorithmia

input = {"image": "_IMAGE_URL_"}
client = Algorithmia.client('_API_KEY_')
algo = client.algo('deeplearning/Places365Classifier/0.1.8')

print algo.pipe(input)


  "predictions": [
    {"class": "tower", "prob": 0.6098036170005801},
    {"class": "skyscraper", "prob": 0.14249812066555023},
    {"class": "office_building", "prob": 0.04916094988584519},
    {"class": "downtown", "prob": 0.02924365177750587},
    {"class": "church/outdoor", "prob": 0.028504755347967155}

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