Site Mapper

Look at Your Website the Way Google Does

How it works

Crawl a website, rank the pages, and extract content

Tools used

  • Get Links – examines a webpage and returns links to other pages
  • Page Rank – a simple implementation of the PageRank algorithm
  • URL2Text – extracts the main content from a webpage
  • Summarizer – creates a summary by extracting key topic sentences
  • Auto-Tag – generates keywords via Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  • D3 - a JavaScript library for generating graphs and visualizations

Source Data

We examine the provided URL, traversing the links found in that page and the pages linked to – up to a certain depth. We then generate a visual map and ranked list based on the links between those pages. For each page, we also provide a summary and list of tags.


Algorithmia's easy-to-use microservices make it possible to quickly traverse and examine a large number of pages without the need to set up any infrastructure. By combining these services with readily available visualization tools, a developer can rapidly assemble a site crawler without ever leaving the browser environment.

Built For Developers

A simple, scalable API for machine intelligence


import Algorithmia
client = Algorithmia.client('API KEY')
algo = client.algo('web/GetLinks/0.1.5')
print algo.pipe("")



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