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How It Works

Web Page Inspector attempts to extract the title, full text, both a short and long summary, permalink, social share count, tags, sentiment, and more from a valid URL. In this demo we provie both a UI of the metadata, as well as the raw JSON response.

Tools Used

At the heart of this demo is a microservice called Mega Analyze URL, which is a wrapper for capturing the metadata, summary, social sentiment analysis, tags, count of social shares, images, and links for a URL. Check out the source code here.

The underlying algorithms are:

  • Analyze URL - takes a URL and returns several pieces of structured data
  • Summarizer - creates a summary of the most important points of the original document
  • Social Sentiment Analysis - assigns sentiment ratings of "positive", "negative" and "neutral"
  • Count Social Shares - returns the number of times that URL has been shared on various social media sites
  • Get Links - scrapes the page for all the links and returns them as URL strings
  • Get Image Links- return a list of all the image URLs
  • Auto-Tag URL - produces candidate tags using LDA


By creating a microservice that wraps other algorithms, a developer can quickly generate useful structured data in a single API call without ever having to write their own web scraper or manage servers. This makes it possible to automatically extract clean text and metadata from any URL.

Built For Developers

A simple, scalable API for machine intelligence


import Algorithmia

input = "http://thenewstack.io/algorithmia-new-algorithm-economy/"
client = Algorithmia.client('API KEY')
algo = client.algo('outofstep/MegaAnalyzeURL/0.1.8')

print algo.pipe(input)

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